• Lucy Parham/Harriet Walter

    I, Clara - A Life in Music
    Fri 4 Oct 2019

    Lucy Parham celebrates the bicentenary of Clara Wieck Schumann’s birth. 'I, Clara' tells the story of an extraordinary life in her own words and music.

  • Antony Gormley

    at the Royal Academy
    Sat 5 Oct 2019

    As he takes over the RA's Main Galleries, curator Sarah Lea discusses Anthony Gormley's most ambitious exhibition in over a decade.

  • Iain Ballamy Quartet

    Sat 5 Oct 2019

    IBQT is a world-class jazz ensemble which includes pianist Jason Rebello, trumpeter and bassist Percy Pursglove, and drummer Mark Whitlam.

  • John Tomlinson/Rozanna Madylus

    The Art of Love & Kokoschka's Doll
    Sun 6 Oct 2019

    Sir John Tomlinson tells of Kokoschka's affair with Alma Mahler, while mezzo-soprano Rozanna Madylus gives us Alma's side of the story.

  • Katya Apekisheva

    Solo Piano Recital
    Tue 8 Oct 2019

    Virtuoso Russian pianist Katya Apekisheva has played at the Festival before, but this is her first solo performance.

  • Sollazzo Ensemble

    La Contenance Angloise
    Wed 9 Oct 2019

    This brilliant young ensemble explores the extraordinary influence English music had on Continental taste in the early fifteenth century.

  • Kosmos

    World music redefined
    Thu 10 Oct 2019

    With a flourish, Kosmos redefine music from classical to popular, tango to Bernstein, klezmer to Vaughan Williams.

  • Gesualdo Six

    English Motets
    Fri 11 Oct 2019

    An exquisite programme of motets shows vividly how choral music adapted to the turbulence of 15th and 16th century England

  • Tracy Chevalier

    On being a novelist
    Sat 12 Oct 2019

    'Girl with a Pearl Earring' has sold more than five million copies and been made into an Oscar-nominated film. The author talks about her life and work.

  • Professor Alan Wing

    Musical Brainwaves
    Sat 12 Oct 2019

    What goes on inside musicians' brains when they play together? The Sacconi Quartet help Professor Alan Wing to explain.

  • Sacconi Quartet

    From Haydn to Woolrich
    Sat 12 Oct 2019

    The award-winning Sacconi Quartet offers us a fresh, imaginative approach to a programme ranging from Haydn to Woolrich.

  • Mahan Esfahani

    The Virtuoso Harpsichord
    Sun 13 Oct 2019

    Harpsichord virtuoso Mahan Esfahani returns to the Festival with a solo recital of classical and modern pieces.

  • The Carnival Band

    Carols and Capers at Christmas!
    Fri 13 Dec 2019

    A cornucopia of instruments and rich vocal harmony blend the spirits of Christmas and celebration to create a delicious Yuletide cocktail.