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The Carnival Band

Carols and Capers at Christmas!

Andy Watts shawm, recorder, bagpipes, curtal, clarinet, melodica, vocals Giles Lewin violin, recorder, flute, shawm, bagpipes, vocals Jub double bass, vocals Steno Vitale acoustic and electric guitars, Renaissance cittern, mandolin, vocals

A Carnival Band festive concert is a kaleidoscope of instrumental and vocal colour, crossing continents, travelling through time, and bending the rules. The evening will rouse the spirit of Christmas in us all, with early music from the medieval happily co-existing with pieces from later times — including some of the band’s own compositions. Period instruments play alongside modern, in what one reviewer termed ‘glorious chaos’.

Between them, the band’s musicians have a track record in folk, contemporary, classical, baroque, medieval and Arabic music. Moving effortlessly from one to another, they add a sprinkling of rock, world music and theatricality for extra flavour. Their own songs draw on this rich palette, perfectly complementing the music of earlier centuries and other cultures and bringing their repertoire right up to date.

From the vibrant blare of shawms, bagpipes and electric guitar, to the seductive tones of Turkish clarinet and fiddle, and the enchanting delicacy of the Renaissance cittern, the Carnival Band mix and match their collection of over twenty instruments, adding vocal harmony to create an astonishing range of sounds.

While cheerfully acknowledging its historically informed roots, the Carnival Band is happy that only in the very loosest sense can it be called an Early Music Group. Little wonder the epithet ’Henry VIII’s rock and roll band’ has been heard from time to time!

“The purists may have been squirming — the rest of us were having too much fun to care!” York Press

“Their cavalier attitude to medieval and renaissance music, secular carols and dance tunes, is guaranteed to lift even the dullest of spirits” Worcester Evening News

Programme notes will be provided free of charge


Fri 13 Dec 2019

Little Missenden Church

La Danse Carree